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Best Positive Fragrance For Quarantine

By :Ali Moontasir 0 comments
Best Positive Fragrance For Quarantine

During this pandemic outbreak of the CORONAVIRUS, Many people are forced to quarantine themselves to stop the cycle of spreading, or many have chosen independently to stay away from going out and being social.

Social Distance

Due to avoiding of being social and refrain of Meeting, Many are at risk of psychological problems like depression, anxiety, and panic disorder, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused severe threats to the lives and physical health of people around the globe.

Stressful Situation

During such stressful Situations, Many health advisors have advised people to stay Positive and Exempt from any Negative thoughts and Focus more on Immunity Boosting by Indulging in Workout, Yoga, Walking, Meditate, and Having Healthy Food. So you can immune yourself Mentally and Physically during this outbreak.

Due to this many people are undertaking the practice of meditation and yoga at their Home to stay positive and for healthy living. But as we know yoga and meditation are all about focus, Positivity, and talking to ourselves and to achieve all this fragrance plays a vital role.


While doing YOGA, People like to keep a piece of slow meditating music also so they can relax calmly. But majorly people choose to start their practice by good and refreshing fragrance so they can welcome their day in a positive note.


According to a 2006 study on Nurses, Inhaling a blend of fragrance oil lowered stress and anxiety levels, heart rate, blood pressure. Many different fragrances are also used in aromatherapy to promote relaxation. After going personally through all this and being caged in negative bars due to lock down, what I started was using Fragrance Called Jungle Oud from our Inventory, whenever I felled low or the best way before starting yoga just apply few drops on clothes and a good sniff.

As the name suggests Jungle Oudh starts with green fresh notes of leaves giving vibes as if your standing in the green bushy area and enjoying the fragrance of the first rain. And in ends, on the pure woody note but not harsh relaxing in the best it can.

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